Year 3 Lesson Study

  Miss Lambert, Mr Kewn and Mrs Burger met to plan a lesson study in Year 3 focusing on spoken language based on their power of reading text.
The first lesson involved taking on the role of different characters in a scene and through freeze framing commenting on how the characters were feeling and what they were doing in relation to the text. 

  The second lesson involved the children visualising the scene and then creating a news report. The children then presented these to the class and children asked them questions. 

Year 5 Lesson Study

Miss Eades, Mrs Mitchell and Mrs Rutter worked together to plan two lessons to develop the spoken language element through the teaching of English.
Lesson 1 involved the children working in pairs, small groups and as a whole class to discuss ideas about a scene from the text ‘Treason’. When children were working in groups of four, they were given roles as Chair, Clarifier, Scribe and Presenter. This enabled the children to take turns in their discussions and deepen each other’s thinking through clarifying and prompt questions. The children worked through their ideas systematically to create sensory descriptions using adjectives and expanded noun phrases. The Presenter then shared the groups’ ideas with the class and spoke audibly, clearly and confidently as a result of the support from the group discussions. 
Lesson 2 involved a drama lesson in the hall where the children learnt to infer character’s thoughts and feelings through a freeze frame and thought tapping activity. Children were able to unfreeze each other and ask them questions about their thoughts, feelings and motive which deepened learning.